Club Mahindra Community Guidelines

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An outline 

Club Mahindra presents the community portal as a place where you can share your stories, experiences and expertise with other club members. By doing this, we want your holiday experiences and interactions to be inspiring and enjoyable.


1. Honesty – All reviews and posts by members must be honest (including images and videos). Copying other reviews and posting on the community is not acceptable. Misleading stories or information will be moderated.

2. Parental guidance: If you are one of our young members under 18 and have parents as members, you will need your parent’s permission before writing a travel diary.

3. Code of Conduct – Members must keep in mind that the Community page is a platform where all the Club Mahindra members, both old and new, can bond and reach out to one another. Thus, any use of foul language, abuses and obscene comments etc. will not be appreciated.

4. Relevance and Spam – All posts on the community must be relevant so that it is helpful to other members of the community and helps build Club Mahindra. Members must refrain from posting other articles or links to articles that do not concern the portal. Members must avoid posting repetitive messages on Club Talk and the community in general, as this will be regarded as spam and strict action will be taken against such behaviour.

5. We invite you to write about a specific problem or something that requires our reply. Do give us 2 working days to get back to you. Rest assured, we have noted your query and will get back to you at the earliest. We request you to not post the same query on multiple threads and discussions. Our Admin will use their discretion to act upon such behaviour.

6. Be respectful: Rich debate is wonderful, and we encourage you to indulge in the same without being offensive, humiliating or intimidating. We have members from all parts of India with different cultures, following different traditions and beliefs.

As a community, we respect different points of view, journeys, budgets and backgrounds and we urge you to do the same. Please do not take anything personally.

7. No Trolling – Trolls and trolling must be avoided and reported so that Club Mahindra can take necessary action.

8. Non-Commercial – The Community is a platform for members to share their stories and experiences, thus members must refrain from posting links, images, videos or content promoting their own business or service

9. Any feedback, opinions or points of view that you have about the community, are welcome. We would love to hear your thoughts on our services. Anything constructive, or suggestions to improve can be sent to us and our moderators will act on it as soon as possible.

10. The opinions, views and experiences expressed in the content posts are of the members and Club Mahindra takes no responsibility for the same.

Photo and Video Guidelines


Help other travelers submitting quality content – in terms of photos, videos and experiences.


Photos and videos:


  • Photos should include you and your family at the resort during the vacation. Additional photos may include scenic landscapes or places of interest.
  • Should not be dark, difficult to view, blurry or altered in any way that distorts the scene.
  • Should be in the correct orientation, if they are sideways or up-side down, please edit them to be in the correct way.
  • Photos should not exceed 5 MB in size and should be in the following formats: gif, jpg, bmp or png format.
  • Landscape layouts (more wide than tall/ horizontal) are preferred over portrait layouts (more tall than wide/ vertical).
  • Photos will be scaled to fit the standard display boxes on our site.
  • Videos should be uploaded on YouTube and a link of the same should be shared with us.
  • Videos should mandatorily be a video review of your resort visit and vacation describing the vacation only. This should include a video of your actual resort visit, video shot at the destination, and video of your review

Club Mahindra reserves the right to publish/unpublish any content submitted by members.

Reaching Us

We have a number of ways you can get in touch with us and request you to use those - Toll-free nos, emails.

This community is not the primary channel for the same, though we will make an effort to direct you to the right avenue if the need arises.

Refrain from posting personally identifiable information – name, age, member IDs or any sensitive information in a Club Talk that is accessible to other community members.

Moderating content

The Club Mahindra community page will be moderated, and the moderators have the right to: 

  • Hold back any post that they believe violates any of the rules
  • Remove messages several days after they have been posted
  •  In addition, our moderators will generally delete posts that are:
    o Aggressive or threatening to the members
    o Promotional of any business
    o Irrelevant to the community and members

Our moderates reserve the right to edit content to ensure member experience on the website is maintained.

Our moderators may respond to comments either individually or as a cluster of comments on the same topic.
The final decision of what is to be posted or deleted/removed lies with Club Mahindra. The decision taken is final and binding.


Trip Coins are awarded for select and pre-defined member actions on the community. The actions and points are subject to change and these changes will be shared via web notifications on the community or other means of communication.

We reserve the right to the final assignment of points for particular action/activity. For any queries about this please write to [email protected] 

Trip Coins can be redeemed at a minimum denomination of INR 500 and multiples of 500 thereafter.

Once the member ‘redeems’ the rewards on the Community, the same will be deducted from the community account. These will then be available for use at the resorts only.

Resort Credit Points are redeemable at Club Mahindra owned resorts only. They are valid for 1 year from Holiday Start Date or issue date - whichever is later.

eRCPs can be used against fun dining, a la carte meals, Room service, liquor bills, spa bills

eRCPs are non-transferrable, non-encashable and non-extendable. Value of the voucher does not include taxes levied on the product or service.

You cannot hold the Club Mahindra community liable /accountable if for any reason the points are not available for use in the resort because of a technical glitch or other system problems.

The final redemption of the points against activities will be done at the discretion of the resort.

Taxes will have to be paid by cash / credit card directly to resort by the member at the time of settlement of bill.

The community rewards can be redeemed only at Club Mahindra owned resorts.

The rewards are redeemable at the discretion of the resort manager only. You cannot hold us responsible if the resort manager is unable to redeem the reward due to circumstances such as technical glitches, bad weather.

Travel Diaries

  1.  Original – We want to know your story and experiences, thus all the content, reviews and responses posted by members must be original.
  2. Editing - You also consent to your content being altered, edited or adapted for such uses, or to ensure your content does not infringe these terms or breach the law, as we see fit.
  3. It is mandatory to write 100 words about your experience. A minimum of one clear photograph is mandatory in your travel diary. Photos and videos are pieces of content that complement this.


Club Talk Guidelines

If you have a question about a particular resort, visit the ‘Club Talk’ section for that particular resort to ask your question.

Avoid duplication, members must first search their concerns on the Club Talk page before starting a thread to avoid any duplication.

Also, members must refrain from posting the same matter multiple times with different images and videos.

Your thread’s title should be clear, informative, and related to the content of your thread.

If you accidentally post in the wrong sub-club talk, ask our moderators to move the thread.

Deleting posts: We don’t allow members to delete a post once it has a response.

Deleting threads: You can delete a ‘reply’ in a thread as long as it does not have a reply chain.

Terms of use

Refer for terms of use.


Your Club Mahindra community profile is visible to fellow members only. This includes your name, the resorts you have visited, stories and discussions on the community and badges (You license us the non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide rights to reproduce, communicate, edit, store, adapt or otherwise use any content you upload to the site, including any feedback that you submit through the site, via third party applications available through the site, on the site and in our other products (your content).

Information you post here is visible to fellow members and in certain cases beyond that too.

Club Mahindra may use certain posts and information shared as promotional material.

Please keep your personal information personal. If you want to share your personal information with another member of the community, do so via email or some other private message.

Please do not post the names, addresses, phone numbers, or emails of community members. This information will be removed by moderators.

Modifications to these Rules

We may modify these Rules and Guidelines at any time, and your continued use of the community signifies your assent to such modified terms.

In conclusion

We look forward to your support in maintaining these guidelines. Thank you for stopping by here.