7 amazing tips for the perfect holiday photo shoot!

Published by Community Manager on 12 August 2020

7 amazing tips for the perfect holiday photo shoot!


Travels call for inseparable memories for a lifetime. Your every travel is worth a capture to revisit the best moments of your travel experiences. To capture these moments in extremely adorable ways is what makes your memories come to life. So the one expert you require to put those memories in a frame, walks with you, talks with you and travels with you in your pockets.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you capture your worthwhile moments professionally with your smartphone.


Use the available light
Smartphone cameras don't perform well in low light. So make use of any light which is available in your surroundings. Everyone knows that the sunset itself makes for a wonderful snap too, so you can’t go wrong there. But you can also try alternating between focusing on the horizon and on the sky to get some really popping colors and eye-pleasing pictures.

Capture from the right angle
The photos you click at your eye height will result in images that every other person clicks. In short, the pictures will be boring and usual, which are nothing different from others. So crouch, kneel or even lie down to capture the perfect shot which is visually appealing.

Make use of the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds calls for you to divide your camera viewfinder into sections. The subjects/objects should ideally be positioned at the intersection points of these lines for a straight image or with a better angle. This can be done by enabling the camera grid on your smartphone and if your phone doesn’t have the option, you can pretty easily eyeball it. 


Use a tripod for long exposure or light painting shots

Long exposure shots can be really beautiful, capturing light trails and other details in the darkness like the movement of the night sky. This generally requires the camera shutter to be open for a while and stay 100 percent still. Hence, the need of a mobile tripod to get perfectly stabilized long exposure images.

Capture the details with the feature "Focus Peaking"

Never take out of focus images. Always focus on the faces or the details you capture for a visually pleasing image. Focus peaking is a feature found in the manual mode of newer LG and Samsung phones and is massively helpful. Simply put, focus peaking outlines on well-focused areas of your scene in a bright color to make your focal point easily visible. It essentially tells you exactly where the camera is focusing (not just on your subject but also on other objects in the same focal plane). 

Learn when and how to use the sun

Another rule of thumb is that you should try not to shoot into the sun when taking photos of people. There are exceptions to this, of course, such as if you want to create silhouettes or just want to experiment. Nevertheless, try to have the sun lighting up your subjects/objects, rather than directly hitting your camera. Speaking of the sun, you’ll also want to take photos during the golden hours (just after sunrise or just before sunset). Do this and you’re likely to get some gorgeous colors.


Make use of photo editing apps

Some of the best apps like Google Photos is more than just a photo backup service. It also renders auto-fix options and a variety of photo editing tools that allow you to adjust everything from lighting and colors to orientation and crops or you can also download a photo editor of your choice.

Try using burst mode or record in 4K

Burst mode is a handy for photos of kids, group shots and subjects with plenty of movement like sports or pets. Some phones also allow you to easily keep a few snaps and ditch the rest of the burst, which is a rather useful touch. Also, Try shooting a 4K video and picking a frame that you want to use as a photo. The easiest way to do this is to tap the camera shutter button while filming.

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7 amazing tips for the perfect holiday photo shoot!