Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest

Published by Community Manager on 27 March 2024

Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest

Club Mahindra is all about helping our members indulge in fun, engaging activities – be it at our resorts or on the Club Mahindra Community. To this end, Club Mahindra hosts several contests, events, activities, and more throughout the year to ensure our members always have something exciting to look forward to.

Our recently concluded Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest was a platform for parents to inspire their kids to unleash their creativity and spin tales of their dream holidays. We were thrilled and overwhelmed to see so many imaginative and interesting stories. It was a tough task to choose the best entries, but we managed to zero in on 5 winners who will now be rewarded with up to 1,000 Resort Credit Points each. Congratulations to all these young storytellers! Your dreams have truly taken flight, and we can’t wait to welcome you to your next dream holiday with us soon, where you can use these points to enjoy activities of your choice.

Each participant was asked to pick up the base premise for their story from a number of combinations available. They could pick ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ and then use that as a base to build a story thus having almost limitless possibilities to their imagination.

Here are our 5 winners:

  1. Dheer
  2. Vihaan Machingal
  3. Srushti
  4. Adyant Sai
  5. Diya Sai Mahesh


Here are our winning entries


Winning Story 1

WHAT: backpack

WHO: dolphin

WHERE: creek

WHEN: sunset


The Story

Once upon a time a dolphin lived in the ocean, close to the beach.  One sunny day the dolphin had an idea. It decided to go camping in the creek with its friends. It gathered all its friends and said , “Hey, let's all go camping in the creek!”. The friends were all excited and quickly they packed their backpacks with sandwiches and juice. By the time they were all ready the Sun was about to set.

On the way they met some turtles and asked them, “Do you know the best spot around here to watch the sunset?”. One of the turtles answered “Oh yes we do. Do you mind if we come along with you all for camping?”. The dolphins were more than happy to have the turtles for company.

The turtles took them to the best spot on top of a hill from where they all watched the magical sunset. After the sunset they all played games and had a lot of fun. When it was time to sleep they got into their sleeping bags. The next morning the dolphins bid goodbye to the turtles and they all went back home.

Suddenly the dolphin woke up and realised it was all a dream!

Winning Story 2

WHAT: pottery

WHO: 100 Year old Tree

WHERE: palace

WHEN: sunset


When we were at the palace in Udaipur, I picked up a travelog. One of the stories in the travelog was about a very valuable pot hidden inside a 100 year old tree. Later, at sunset, thirsty for adventure, I found the way to the tree. I went close to the tree and slowly clambered up its trunk. I saw a tiny hole at the center of the trunk. It was big enough for me to squeeze in. I was nervous but curiosity got the better of me and  I squeezed myself through and much to my surprise, I found myself in a small puddle of water!

I scanned the place and observed that there was a wooden door at one end. I walked towards it, I was really tired. It opened with a loud creak. And lo and behold! The pot was there, its gems sparkling in the moonlight. "That was easy!" I muttered. I picked up the pot of gems. But at the spur of the moment, an arrow shot just ahead of me. It almost cut off the tip of my eyebrows.

I was so scared that I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, holding on to the pot of gems as tightly as I could. I jumped out the door and found the same hole in the trunk through which I had entered this place. I climbed my way up to the mouth of the hole. Just then, the pot slipped out of my hands and fell into the hole. All I could hang on to was a gold coin.

I thought it best to leave the pot of gems in its original place. I still have the gold coin tucked away safely in a trunk, as a remembrance of my crazy adventures!

Winning story 3

WHAT: football

WHO: crab

WHERE: lighthouse

WHEN: sunset


The story

Once Mr. Crabs was making a patty burger for a yellow sea sponge named Spongy. Suddenly they noticed that the old lighthouse had fallen down, but its lights were still working. Mr. Crabs and Spongy came up with a plan. Taking advantage of the fallen lighthouse, they turned the area into a discotheque with moving lights. People started coming there to party after sunset and with all the entry ticket money, Mr. Crabs and Spongy soon became very rich! With all this money now, the two of them, along with their friend Miss Squid, played football all day long.

Winning Story 4

WHAT: bonfire

WHO: gingerbread

WHERE: woods

WHEN: sunset


The story

One fine day Mom, Dad and I went for a peek walk through the woods. The Sunrise was mild and golden yellow. It was a beautiful day. I heard the sound of birds and  of the water streams. I felt that someone was following us and hiding behind us in the woods. I ran in all directions but couldn't find any one.

Then finally I saw a little hand and I held it. To my surprise it was none other than the gingerbread man. I was dumbstruck. I called out to my mom and dad. They ran up to me and were equally surprised. 

I played with my favorite ginger bread man and brought him to my resort. By the time we got back to the resort the breakfast table was almost empty.. Gingerbread man had a magic wand and got whatever I needed. We had a scrumptious breakfast.

The whole day was so good. There was a bonfire in the evening and I danced around it with the gingerbread man. After the heavy and yummy dinner I was really sleepy. I went to my bed with the gingerbread man.

I heard my mother’s voice calling me,” Adyant, get up sweetie.”

I opened my eyes and realised that it was all a beautiful dream. I hope my dream comes true someday.

Merry Christmas friends.


Winning Story 5

WHAT: backpack

WHO: seahorse

WHERE: lighthouse

WHEN: sunset

The story

In a magical sea, Sparkle, a seahorse with shimmering scales, explored beyond her coral home. With a tiny backpack, she discovered a mysterious island crowned by a striped lighthouse.

"Hello, Mr. Lighthouse! I'm Sparkle. Do you like shiny things and sunsets?" she asked.

``Hello, Sparkle! I'm Mr. Lighthouse, guardian of this magical beach. How about a sunset adventure?" Sparkle's backpack glowed, revealing a picnic with seashell sandwiches.

Feeling connected, they made the beach magical, creating a sparkling pathway. As the sun dipped, painting the sky, Sparkle and Mr. Lighthouse bid goodnight. Their friendship added magic to the beach.

Each evening, they watched sunsets, shared picnics, and sprinkled magic. The beach became a place where seashells twinkled, waves whispered, and every sunset was enchanting.

Travellers found Sparkle and Mr. Lighthouse, spreading tales of their magical adventures. Their friendship became a legend, creating a melody of joy and stories for generations.

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Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest
Announcing The Winners Of Once Upon A Dream Holiday Contest