The Martian Book Review

Shared by Sridevi on 21 December 2023

The Martian Book Review

In a fictional 2035, Space travel has now become advanced enough to allow humanity's fantasy to come true --- to be capable of sending humans to Mars. Mark Watney is an astronaut and botanist who is aboard on such mission to study Mar's habitat.

Unfortunately, things go south fast --- a large, terrifying dust storm causes a critical part of the spaceship to impale Mark and forces the rest of his crew to leave and proclaim him dead. Soon, Mark wakes up, and as he addresses his injuries, he realizes that he is all alone and must fight the odds of nature against him.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, the folks back at NASA have discovered he's still alive, and have already made plans to bring him home. The 2011 classic 'The Martian' is well-known for its scientific accuracy, but its also known for keeping a balance between suspense and laugh-out-loud comedy. Most importantly, its notable for reminding us that despite what it looks like, us humans really are wired to help each other out, no matter what.

The author, Andy Weir, had already written two unpublished books, but this was the first one that gained traction. Being a huge fan of science and space, he one day found himself thinking of a hypothetical trip to Mars, and what would go wrong. Soon, he realized that he had the plot for a story on his hands. He initially self-published his book on his blog in a serial format (One chapter per day/week), but it gained a huge fanbase who soon wanted the story to be published on Kindle.

In 2014, the book was then traditionally published, and the book's popularity grew. Its fascinating that even to this day, our fascination about the red planet has continued to grow. Maybe one day we really will achieve the seemingly impossible and reach Mars. If you are a fan of Science Fiction or Robin Crusoe- type of books, like to learn about space and Mars (Bonus points for almost all of those facts being technically-accurate) --- and appreciate a lot of humor --- this book may be perfect for you.


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